Bohemian Wanderlust Wedding


"Wanderlust consumed her;

foreign hearts

and exotic minds

compelled her.

she had a gypsy soul

and a vibrant hope

for the unknown."

d. marie



"Sandōkai" according to Zen Buddhism is the "harmonious song of difference and sameness."  In other words, we are all unique and one great wisdom simultaneously.  It is possible to recognize our unique qualities as individuals, while maintaining awareness of the common thread we all share as human beings of the universe.  There is no better time, than the celebration of two hearts uniting, to understand the magic of "Sandokai."  During this Bohemian Wanderlust Shoot, I recognized the power of this duality.

Through the forest, under the trees, there is a woman robed in white lace.  She is confident, strong, and unapologetic for her regal beauty.  She stands tall as the grasses tickle the train of her gown.  The sun casts softly upon her edges and caresses the light inside her.  Only nature can feel the tenderness of her earthly lips.  Across the field a free spirit dances her song.  She is playful and wild.  Her hair marries in the adventures of the wind, and her eyes live on with their mysterious gaze.  Her smile excites the spirit of joy.  

Between the field and the trees, there is a space where two unique creatures come together and exchange energies.  Suddenly, they are one and two at the same moment. They begin to take on traits of the other.  While one lets her hair down and gives a soft smile, the other finds solitude in silence and internal contemplation.  When the sun rises the next day, they will be a little wiser. Their hearts cannot undo the harmony that occurred in the forrest.  Nor do they want it to be undone.  They will live on to celebrate their differences, and find comfort in their sameness.  This is what I call Love.



Leah Herndon -- @leahherndon


Hair + Succulent Crown:

Sierra English -- @sierraenglishhair



Rachel Silber --



Milenda Andrews -- @weddingdresswanders

Lauren Dodge -- @herbal_intuitive @fruitstotheroots